Dear parents:

The Education Bureau issued a resumption notice on February 5. After the Lunar New Year holiday, the school can arrange for one-third of the students to return to school. Looking back on the days of the suspension of classes, we sincerely thank all the co-workers in the school for their care for the students; thank the parents for their support, help and tolerance, so that we can continue to learn and teach under the epidemic.

The list of teaching activities under the epidemic is as follows:

The teacher in the higher class told me that children and parents are very familiar with and understand the school’s online class operation mode, and their participation and involvement is very high. The children actively answer questions and share their opinions in the zoom class, and parents can also actively cooperate with the teaching. Be able to prepare the materials needed for the class together with the children to make the children’s zoom class more complete. Parents told the teacher that they felt that the children did not lose classroom knowledge during the absence of physical lessons. They appreciate the school’s zoom lessons, themed videos, and homework videos, which alleviated the burden of home education.

After class resumption: Teacher K3 also found that most children have improved in all aspects. Therefore, I believe that the diversified content of zoom class and various learning videos can maintain children’s learning motivation. Therefore, the teacher is very happy and proud of the children’s performance. . Two senior class children who had their birthdays in March told me that their birthdays are willing to: “I hope they can return to school every day!” The children’s simple expectation is really touching!

We issued a questionnaire survey on 19/3 to consult parents about their willingness to resume half-day face-to-face teaching. 124 parents responded to the questionnaire. Among them, 80.5% chose to resume half-day face-to-face classes; 19.5% chose the existing triage of 1/3 students. School model. The school has reflected the parents’ wishes to the board of directors. The board of directors unanimously agreed that after we applied for the Easter leave from the Education Bureau, the whole school resumed half-day face-to-face classes. However, it is still necessary for the staff to complete the new crown pneumonia virus test in early April. All of them must be negative before they can be approved by the Education Bureau. Therefore, there are still variables. We plan to let parents know that we look forward to home-school cooperation and early arrangements in order to cope with the resumption of half-day face-to-face classes after the Easter holiday-April 12, 2020.

Sincerely, Principal Dilys Ho

March 25, 2021