Teaching Philosophy

The school designs a comprehensive curriculum based on themes, and teachers at all levels design diversified and balanced learning activities according to students’ interests.

Set up an open-ended question every day during the theme period for children to share and discuss in groups, learn to actively express their opinions, and quietly listen to the opinions of their peers, try to record with images or symbols, learn to report in groups in front of the group, and nurture children The team spirit, knowing the enemy and understanding oneself, learn through interaction.

In group free play time every day, children will be arranged to act as little leaders and learn to manage their own resources: plan for themselves during group time, learn important things first, assign their own priorities, and choose different districts according to their interests Play games with your peers; after the activity, you will have a review, sharing the learning content, process, and difficulties encountered, and how to solve the problem.

In addition, the teacher encourages children to love each other with their peers in the classroom, learn to care about the needs of their peers, and develop good characters: respect, care, honesty and responsibility.